Checklist of flora and fauna of Bayelsa State, Nigeria

Latest version published by University of Lagos on Apr 1, 2023 University of Lagos
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1 April 2023
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University of Lagos
CC-BY 4.0

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This is a record of plants and animals found in Coastal Environments in Bayelsa state of Nigeria

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Checklist; floral; fauna; Bayelsa; Niger Delta; Nigeria; Inventoryregional


Ayodele Oyedeji
  • Originator
  • Point Of Contact
Senior Lecturer
Niger Delta University
Institute of Biodiversity, Climate Change & Watersheds
Wilberforce Island
Temitope Onuminya
  • Metadata Provider
Associate Professor
University of Lagos
Department Of Botany
23401 Akoka

Geographic Coverage

Samples were recorded in Bayelsa State, Nigeria

Bounding Coordinates South West [-90, -180], North East [90, 180]

Taxonomic Coverage

Magnoliopsida, Liliopsida, Crocodylia, Squamata, Testudines.

Phylum Tracheophyta, Chordata

Project Data

Mobilization of Nigerian Coastal Biodiversity Data

Title Implementation of the Biodiversity Information and data System for Coastal Ecosystems in Nigeria - BID-AF2020-022-NAC
Identifier BID-AF2020-022-NAC
Funding GBIF-BID Grant
Study Area Description Nigerian Coastal Environments

The personnel involved in the project:

Additional Metadata

Alternative Identifiers dbd109ca-9353-4c15-982e-2ed05401f6e2