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  • description = Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria (FRIN) was established as Federal Department of Forestry Research in 1954. The Institute’s Decree 35 of 1973 and order establishing Research Institute of 1977 changed the status of the Department to an institute being supervised by the Federal Ministry of Environment,but the only Research Institute of the Ministry. FRIN has seven specialized research departments: Sustainable Forest Management, Forest Product Development & Utilization, Forest Conservation & Protection, Forest Economics & Extension, Environmental Modelling & Management and Wildlife &Tourism (each having various specialized sections),three support departments, ten outstations spread across all ecological zones of the country, three service units and four ND/HND awarding colleges. FRIN owns a Herbarium (FHI) with over 100,000 collections and playing the role of a National Herbarium for Nigeria. It also has an Insect museum. Research Focus includes: Biodiversity Conservation, Utilization, Coordinator of MAB activities in Nigeria, GBIF Node Institution for Nigeria etc
  • name = Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria
  • alias = Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria
  • homepageURL = [https://www.frin.gov.ng]
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